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tEXI Works specialises in exhibitions, events, road shows, and interior architecture. We combine creative development, project planning and execution, and production to create the client’s ideal model. With over a decade of experience we’re proud of our ability to think creatively and exceed client expectations.

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Only Great People On Board

“Success or failure, that is simply the conclusion of the book. Your journey
does not end here.”

Chan KW

Head of Creative

“Constant in life is changes.
Never stay the same.”

David Lee

Head of Event & Exhibition

“Comfort is a drug,
it is where dream die.”

Shawn Wai

Head of Interior Architecture

Coeus Yap

Andy Chong

Jason Chai

Kah Hou

Siau Sien

Michelle Lee

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We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philosophical and practical.

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We provide creative design and building services for exhibitions, events, road shows, and interior architecture.

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